Commercial Mold Inspection

Abbey Environmental Testing and Services Inc. is a fully certified, fully insured company that performs commercial mold inspections in Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts, and Eastern Connecticut.

Our inspections include:

  • external landscaping and lot inspection
  • external structural, roof, and drainage inspection
  • internal offices and drop ceiling inspection
  • HVAC and ductwork inspection

We look externally for landscaping and lot conditions, structural conditions, roof conditions, and drainage conditions any of which could result in water intrusions.

We look internally for evidence of current water intrusions, signs of possible future water intrusions, evidence of poor air circulation, gaps in ductwork, pre-mold conditions, HVAC systems, and actual mold.

Commercial mold inspections are quite different from residential mold testing in that commercial space has, in most cases, complex HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air     Conditioning) systems.  Begin at the source of the air circulation system, if found here many locations within a commercial environment may be contaminated and require testing.  Many times the source of a commercial mold contamination involves HVAC condensation of the cooling coils, problems with drain pans and drain flow and result in water and moisture, the number one contributing factor to mold growth.  Roofing and drainage are common contributors to mold growth in commercial buildings.  Roofing leaks can affect many floors of a commercial building, especially an office building, where drop ceiling panels are the perfect material for mold spore growth.  Water from a leak can allow mold to thrive, well before a stain is visible on a panel. Inspections of a commercial environment can be extensive and require much building analysis in order to completely evaluate all areas where mold may exist.

Feedback from employees on health symptoms can be an important tool in identifying specific areas of a commercial space where hidden mold could be lurking.

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