Commercial Mold Reporting

Abbey Environmental Testing and Services Inc. is a fully certified, fully insured company that performs commercial mold inspections and formal mold inspection reporting in Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts, and Eastern Connecticut.  We work with major insurance companies, insurance adjusters, real estate brokers/agents, and commercial property owners.

Our inspection reporting details:

  • Goals of the inspection
  • Procedures we use to identify and sample mold
  • Observations made during the inspection
  • Overview of the laboratory results
  • Summary of inspection findings
  • Recommendations for conditions observed

Our inspection reporting details all inspection observations and findings from external landscaping, the lot, structural, roofing and drainage to observations and findings internally from large open areas to office space. We look for current water intrusions as well as conditions that could lead to future water intrusions.

Based on our findings, other trade professionals may need to be called into correct areas of water intrusions, such as HVAC, roofing, and structural professionals to name a few. Our reporting is aimed at providing these professionals as complete a picture of the commercial space as possible so that all corrections can be addressed in a timely manner. After any corrections have been made, Abbey Environmental Testing and Services Inc. should be called back to perform air quality testing (aka “Clearance Testing”) to ensure these corrections and any remediation has been successful and the environment is once again safe.

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