Mold Prevention Tips

#1. Make sure your property has proper gutters and they are clear of debris.
Water intrusion is the single most cause of mold contamination. Lack of gutters leads to splash back around the perimeter of your property and leads to moisture soaked siding and perfect breeding ground for molds. Debris clogged gutters prevent your gutters from working properly and during winter months can lead to ice-filled gutters and ice damming. Ice damming forces water back under your roof coating and into ceilings and walls and moisture soaked drywall and plaster and another perfect breeding ground for molds.

#2. Early identification of water intrusions.
Know your property! Simply be aware of your structure. Look around while you’re moving around the house so you can identify as early as possible when water is entering your property. Early identification and correction prevent mold contamination from developing and growing before it causes much greater damage requiring remediation or health issues.

#3. Visually inspect your roof often.
Your roof is the single most protection from water intrusion into your home. It covers the entire structure and water and gravity make it the obvious place where water may enter. Look for warped shingles, the existence of mold or moss, bare or light spots of the gravel coating, dark staining of the roofing, and mold or moss growth where upper floor exterior walls meet lower floor roofing.

#4. Pay attention to areas in your home that involve water.
Regularly check sink areas in the kitchen and bathrooms, tubs and shower areas, laundry areas, refrigerator areas as it is more and more common for ice and water dispensers, and toilet base areas. The earlier you identify water issues in your home, the more you minimize mold contaminations, damages, and possible health issues.

#5. Keep your interior air flowing.
Consider your structures air flow! It can help dissipate minor moisture problems. Make sure vents and grates are clear of clutter that can block air flow.

#6. Call a professional.
If you do suspect water intrusion and mold contamination, call a professional trained in where to look and what conditions to look for. Your health is the number one consideration followed by protection of your biggest investment, your home.

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