Radon Measurement Testing

Radon gas is found everywhere!  It is the naturally occurring breakdown of radioactive uranium in the soil to radium and then the further breakdown of the radium to the radon gas which enters your property.


Don’t let anyone tell you it’s based on only specific geographic locations!  Yes, certain areas of the country have higher geographic levels, but elevated levels can occur even in typically lower geographic level areas.  The only way to know your average property radon level is to test, as it is odorless and cannot be seen, smelt, or tasted.

We at Abbey Environmental Testing and Services Inc. want to make sure your residence, business, retail space, schools, and all other spaces, are as environmentally safe as can be.  Measuring of radon intrusion into your space is an important part of this effort.  Check out our “Radon Facts” page for some important information regarding radon and links to three important EPA publications:

                EPA Citizens Guide to Radon

                EPA Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction – How to fix your home

                EPA Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon          

Abbey Environmental Testing and Services Inc. makes use of CRM’s (Continuous Radon Measurement) devices which record and report hourly readings of radon, temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity, all of which are important in the measurement of radon gas in a property.  We also make use of electret ion chambers for longer-term radon measurements.  Short-term radon measurement is between 2 days and 90 days, long-term radon measurement is 91 days or longer.

                CRM’s – are an important tool in real estate transactions because they give quick and thorough hourly measurements of a property.

                Electret Ion Chamber’s – are also an important tool, but more for parties concerned in non-real estate based radon measurements but for health concerns of those living in a property.

Regardless of the testing method, we can give you results the same day test sampling is complete.  No waiting for laboratory processing.  This is one reason we use the devices we do.

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