Residential Mold Inspection

Abbey Environmental Testing and Services Inc. is a fully certified, fully insured company that performs residential mold inspections including:

  • external landscaping and lot inspection
  • external structural, roof, and drainage inspection
  • internal basement to attic inspection

We work with major insurance companies, insurance adjusters, real estate brokers/agents, and residential homeowners.

We look externally for landscaping and lot conditions, structural conditions, roof conditions, and drainage conditions any of which could result in water intrusions.

We look internally for evidence of current water intrusions, signs of possible future water intrusions, evidence of poor air circulation, pre-mold conditions, and actual mold from the basement to attic.

Our inspections often alert homeowners to conditions they can correct themselves to avoid future mold growth, and educate them on common preventative measures to keep their residence healthy and mold-free (ie: frequently cleaning behind and under the refrigerator).

Our website offers a number of tips homeowners can follow to avoid water intrusion and mold growth conditions.

Contact us for more Information:
Abbey Environmental Testing & Services Inc.

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