Residential Mold Reporting

Abbey Environmental Testing and Services Inc. is a fully certified, fully insured company that performs residential mold inspections and affordable formal mold inspection reporting in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

We work with major insurance companies, insurance adjusters, real estate brokers/agents, residential homeowners.

Our inspection reporting details:

  • Goals of the inspection
  • Procedures we use to identify and sample mold
  • Observations made during the inspection
  • Overview of the laboratory results
  • Summary of inspection findings
  • Recommendations for conditions observed

Our inspection reporting details all inspection observations and findings from external landscaping, a lot, structural, roofing and drainage to observations and findings internally from the basement to attic. We look for current water intrusions as well as conditions that could lead to future water intrusions.

If we can control water and moisture conditions, we can control mold growth.

Our inspection reporting includes a section on “MOLD PREVENTION TIPS FOR HOMEOWNERS” which may often alert homeowners to conditions they can correct themselves to avoid future mold growth, and we educate homeowners on common.
preventative measures to keep their residence healthy and mold-free (ex: frequently cleaning behind and under the refrigerator).

If you’re in the process of buying or selling a home, our inspection reporting can be an important document to allow the real estate transaction to move smoothly through the process.
For sellers, it’s an important document to prove the property has no current issues involving mold. For buyers, it’s an important document that, along with a mechanical inspection report, can give you peace of mind that after you move in there won’t be any surprise conditions with the property.

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