Residential Mold Testing

Abbey Environmental Testing and Services Inc. is a fully certified, fully insured company that performs affordable residential air quality testing in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for molds and allergens. We work with major insurance companies, insurance adjusters, real estate brokers/agents, and residential homeowners.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of various mold spores and we can identify them all. Air quality testing for allergens can identify non-mold contaminants and irritants. Our samples are sent to Independent AIHA EMLAP Accredited Laboratories which provide reporting of exactly which molds were encountered through our sampling, along with the spore counts (concentrations) and explanations of every one of them.  These reports also identify a number of allergens, such as pollen, pet dander, and fiber contaminants.

In addition to laboratory reporting, Abbey Environmental Testing provides you with our inspection and testing reporting which details inspection observations, relative humidity, and temperature readings and summarizes in plain English the state of your residential environment and recommendations for improvement, if any,  some that can be performed by the property owner.

AIHA – American Industrial Hygiene Association
EMLAP  - Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Accreditation Program

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